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Welcome to visit the web site of Aktivkohle (Shijiazhuang) Co., Ltd.. Our company was established in 1980 in Shijiazhuang, which is a beautiful city. We are both manufacturer and wholesaler. During the past years, we have been focusing on the development and production of various kinds of Microfiber products. They can meet different kinds of requests from clients. We supply Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, Cleaning Gloves, Mops, Sport Towels, Beach Towels, Shower Caps, etc. We have the most diligent workers and the most responsible QC Assistants. We can customize Microfiber products in accordance with customers’ need. After years of handling, our products have successfully become good helpers of people in Europe, North America, South America, and Australia. Our ideal is: Supply super quality products in more competitive price to our customers.  

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Art No.: HLC1837 Microfiber cloth scrap

Art No.HLC1800 Cleaning Cloth

Art No.: HLC3810 Microfiber Hand Towel

Art No.: HLC3810 Microfiber Mop Cloth

Art No. HLC1850 Microfiber Cleaning cloth

Art No. HLC1848 Microfiber Cleaning cloth

Art No. HLC1847 Microfiber Cleaning cloth

Art. No. HLC8804 Microfiber Pet Mitt

Art No.: HLC7856 Magic Bath Towel

Art No.: HLC7855 Bath Wrap

Art No.: HLC6818 Sport Towel

Art No.: HLC6817 Sport Towel

Art No.: HLC6816 Sport Towel

Art No.: HLC6815 Sport Towel

Art No.: HLC6814 Sport Towel

Art No.: HLC6813 Sport Towel

Art No.: HLC6812 Sport Towel

Art No.: HLC6811 Sport Towel

Art No.: HLC6810 Sport Towel

Art No.: HLC7854 Bathrobe

Art No.: HLC7854 Children’s Bath Cape

Art No.: HLC7852 Hair Drying Cap

Art No.: HLC7853 Hair Drying Cap

Art No.: HLC7852 Hair Drying Cap

Art No.: HLC7852 Hair Drying Cap

Art No.: HLC7851 Hair Drying Cap

Art No.: HLC4858 Microfiber Hand Towel

Art. No. HLC8803 Microfiber Pet Towel

Art. No. HLC8802 Microfiber Pet Towel

Art No. HLC7850 Bath Towel

Art. No. HLC8801 Microfiber Pet Towel

Art. No.: HLC1206 Beach Towel

Art. No.: HLC1205 Beach Towel

Art. NO.: HLC1204 Beach Towel

Art. No.: HLC1203 Beach Towel

Art. No.: HLC1202 Beach Towel

Art No.: HLC1201 Beach Towel

Art No.: HLC3808 Microfiber Mop

Art No.: HLC4857 Microfiber Hand Towel

Art No.: HLC3807 Microfiber mop cover

Art No. HLC4856 Microfiber Towel

Art No.: HLC3806 Microfiber mop

Art No. HLC4855 Microfiber Towel

Art No. HLC4851 Microfiber Towel

Art No. HLC4852 Tea Towel

Art No. HLC4853 Microfiber Bath Towel

Art No. 2821 Cleaning Mitten

Art No. HLC3801 Microfiber Mop

Art No. HLC3802 Microfiber Mop

Art No. HLC3803 Microfiber Mop

Art No. HLC3804 Microfiber Mop

Art No. HLC3805 Microfiber Mop

Art No. HLC1801 Cleaning Cloth

Art No. HLC1802 Cleaning Cloth

Art No. HLC1803 Cleaning Cloth

Art No. HLC1804 Cleaning Cloth

Art No. HLC1805 Cleaning Cloth

Art No. HLC1806 Cleaning Cloth

Art No. HLC1807 Window Cloth

Art No. HLC1808 Window Cloth

Art No. 2822 Cleaning Mitten

Art No. 2823 Cleaning Mitten

Art No. 2824 Cleaning Mitten

Art No. 2825 Cleaning Mitten

Art No. 2826 Cleaning Cl

Art No. 2827 Cleaning Mitten

Art No. 2828 Cleaning Mitten

Art No. 2831 Cleaning Spongee

Art No. HLC1846 Microfiber Glasses cloth

Art No. HLC1845 Microfiber Kitchen cloth

Art No. HLC1844 Microfiber cleaning cloth

Art No. HLC1843 Microfiber cleaning cloth

Art No. HLC1842 Microfiber cleaning cloth

Art No. HLC1841 Microfiber cleaning cloth

Art. No.: HLC1840 Cleaning cloth

Art No.: HLC1838 Microfiber cleaning pad

Art. No. HLC1837 Cleaning Cloth

Art No. HLC1809 Cleaning Cloth

Art No. HLC1810 Cleaning Cloth

Art No. HLC1811 Cleaning Cloth

Art No. HLC1812 Cleaning Cloth

Art No. HLC1813 Cleaning Cloth

Art No. HLC1814 Cleaning Cloth

Art No. 2832 Cleaning Cloth

Art No. 1815 Cleaning Cloth

Art No. HLC1816 Cleaning Cloth

Art.No. HLC1817 Dishes Cleaning Cloth

Art.No.HLC1818 Dishes Cleaning Cloth

Art No. HLC1820 Cleaning Cloth

Art No. HLC1833 Cleaning Cloth

Art No. HLC1834 Cleaning Cloth

Art No. HLC1835 Cleaning Cloth

Art No. HLC1836 Cleaning Cloth

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